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Howard Kurtz pays tribute to Alan here (the page also includes Alan’s friend Bill Hemmer making the on-air announcement of Alan’s passing on FOX News Channel).

John Gibson: Alan Colmes was really good at this gig!

Leslie Marshall shared her moving tribute to Alan on today’s edition of her radio show – listen to it here.

Jeffrey Gurian writes about a side to Alan Colmes that might surprise you.

Roger Alan Shuler: “Our appreciation for Colmes was personal.

Conover Kennard: “I was honored to get to know one of the most decent human beings I’ve ever met.

New York Times obituary: Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s Liberal Partner on Fox News, Dies at 66

Lloyd Grove: FOX News’s Charming Liberal

Shep Smith and Neil Cavuto both remember Alan in a piece (with video) over at TVNewser.

Sarah Betancourt: Why Alan Colmes mattered to Fox News

Greta van Susteren remembers Alan

Randi Rhodes pays tribute to Alan on air

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Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan's less trendy neighborhoods.

  • montanabuddha

    Thanks for everything Alan.

  • LindaSChicago

    I am heartbroken to hear this sad news. Alan always will be that brilliant commentator for the left and one of the world’s nicest guys. May his memory be a blessing.
    Linda Shafran

  • crc3


  • BackAsswardzz

    Condolences from the other side of the isle. Much respect for the man. RIP, sir.

  • mistlesuede

    Thank you for this wonderful site with so many good, intelligent people who made my life better every day with their insight and humor. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.
    You will be missed. I’m glad I “knew” you.
    My heartfelt condolences to your family and all of your many friends.
    I’m deeply saddened today.

  • While I didn’t agree with all his politics, I always listened to him because I enjoyed the way he debated and positioned his point of view. He was an incredibly bright man and I will miss hearing and seeing him on radio and TV. May he rest in peace.

  • shindigg

    R.I.P. Alan Colmes. Thanks for all your hard work and standing up for justice and against the powers that be for all these years! Really good and entertaining radio talk shows will never be the same!

  • Ren

    Though your views made me cringe most of the time you had a kindhearted spirit that shined Alan. Your final tweet was just hours ago so something seems to have happened suddenly. We’re all praying for your family. RIP

  • Barbara Moran

    It’s easy to express your values and beliefs when you are surrounded by people of like mind. Much harder to do with class, humor, and grace when you have to stand alone in the crowd. Alan epitomized how to do it.

  • Scott I

    Alan was a fierce pundit. I hardly agreed with him. But he had a spine of steel and never backed down. I will miss him greatly. I am deeply sadden and will pray for Alan and his family.

  • Tj Stella

    OMG. I never agreed with Alan. He would make me so mad. But I never would wish harm on him. I am so sorry for his family. Never knew he was ill. Wow. Just wow. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  • Scot Bear

    Alan! You left us too soon! Thanks for hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS of hours of sharing your life with all of us on radio. Godspeed. Our thoughts are with you Jocelyn!

  • lolana

    I’m shocked and can’t stop crying. Not him?

  • I feel a stinging shock. Alan was a special person. When I lived in Carolina I spoke with him once. I called in to his talk show and told him how great The Contract With America was. circa 1993, not sure. He called me a “Lollygagger” which has always made me laugh whenever I remember it. Rest in Peace, Alan! You will not be forgotten.

    • MargaretHoward111

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  • granpa.usthai

    have been meditating since I first hear this morning.

    only once every 2,000 years or so does a spirit like that of Alan bless our planet. ALL of us have been truly blessed to have actually lived at such a time. The work he has achieved will last for all times and in about 50 more generations, his spirit will again be a blessing to this planet.

    Thank you so very much to his wife and family for sharing him with us.

    • RussMason


  • Jeeper Creeper

    Alan you will be missed. I listened to you for years and you now leave a huge gap in the world. R.I.P !

  • Larry Schmitt
  • RussMason

    I knew Alan for 43 years. Knew his parents too and visited the family home in Lynbrook, LI, many times. We were partners in comedy (with John Roarke) and did many shows together. He was maybe the nicest friend I ever had. I used to call him the most Christian Jew I ever met, and he would growl, “Yeahhhhh.” He liked brisket sandwiches and iced coffee and we shared countless meals together in Boston and New York. Few losses have touched me as deeply as Alan’s passing. I still remember his phone number. One thing about Alan was that he was pretty much egoless. He was always humble, sincere and down to earth. Not a speck of grandiosity, even though he made a lot of money and had lots of admirers. He was always goofy and endearing. I miss my friend.

    • lolana

      thank you for sharing that. i’m still not believing this.

      • SharonWatson111

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  • EarlofGroan

    As someone who didn’t listen to him much (being north of the border), what strikes me are the folks here who, simultaneously, I) say that they disagreed most heartedly with Alans politics or views, and II) say they admired him and are sad at his passing.

    Graciousness vs an adversary is admirable, and I wish we could see more of that sentiment.

    I bet Alan would too…