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Thanks to tightwad Donald Trump, we can say goodbye to a child care program that was helping military families

Announcing his pick for Secretary of Defense last December, Trump promised that, when he became president, “all men and women in uniform will have the supplies, support, equipment, training, services, medical care, and resources they need to get the job done incredibly well and perfectly.”
It’s not turning out that way.

On January 23, Trump announced a hiring freeze for federal workers. While the freeze included exemptions for those “working in the military” and other national security positions, members of the Armed Forces are feeling the effects.

At least two Army bases are suspending childcare programs, citing staff shortages related to the hiring freeze.

In Fort Knox, Kentucky, garrison commander Col. Stephen Aiton sent a memo on February 17 immediately suspending new enrollment in the childcare program. He also announced that hourly and part-day services would be eliminated at the end of the month “until further notice.” Those part-day services includes preschool.

Aiton explained that “due to the federal hiring freeze” the facility was “prevented from bringing on new caregivers” to replace those that are leaving. The freeze is making it a challenge to provide “quality childcare,” Alton wrote.

Similarly, the Army garrison in Wiesbaden, Germany announced that it was suspending all part-day programs. Col. Todd Fish said the suspension was “a result of staff shortage due to the federal hiring freeze.”

Here’s the cold truth: Trump doesn’t care about soldiers or the military. Trump broke another campaign promise.

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By: dave-dr-gonzo

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  • crc3

    Welcome to Trump World and the destruction of the American dream…

    • granpa.usthai

      one child of our Military Families at a time.

  • nola878

    Not surprising that a man who got five deferments and claimed bone spurs would f*ck our military.

    • granpa.usthai


  • William
    • Larry Schmitt

      I know nussing!

      • whatthe46

        like we did nazi see that coming right? (yeah, i had to. lol)

    • granpa.usthai

      I guess LIAR trump figures he’s ‘learning’ by watching TV shows and releasing tweets for the master race?

      he does realize that the white Germans were the enemy in WW2…doesn’t he?

  • Willys41

    It’s the republican way. Lots of big talk, then they screw you over.

    • granpa.usthai

      what I can’t understand is HTF do these white racist deplorables in the republican camp get that destroying our Military Families is ” making America great again”?

      US sr
      US sr
      US sr


  • Roctuna

    Dear Leaders administration is incapable of thinking through any policy decision. They dwell only on the superficial and the sound bite. There are always unintended consequences of fed decisions but these jokers can’t even anticipate the intended consequences

  • granpa.usthai


    LIAR trump PROMISED he’d bring ALL the Military Personnel BACK to the states to protect US from terrorist attacks, secure our borders, have the other countries ‘pay their share’ and most probably because the Leader of DPRK answers the media manly and advises others on national security.

    Members of the Military should organize a UNION and prepare to strike against LIAR trump’s terrible corporate decisions to leave their children out in the cold unattended while it’s their brave souls putting their lives on the line for the country, including COWARD COMMANDER PONME.

    • granpa.usthai

      PS: note to Military Leaders, per the UCMJ, you DO NOT have to obey orders that are NOT lawful or Constitutional.

      LIAR trump is NOT the law of the land….

      just another FAKE leader SELECTED by anti American republicans.

  • whatthe46

    these parents (one or the other) will have to go off to war, and it will hard as hell for the parent left behind to care for children of daycare age because they will need to work and childcare is fricken expensive. and to all the military assholes to voted for this lying POS, that’s good for your stupid asses.

  • Angelo_Frank

    I told my fellow veterans before the election that Trump was a lying piece of crap. They still support the bastard. I really think they would shoot themselves before voting for a Democrat. That’s what that damn right-wing radio has done to this country.

    • Mensa Member

      >> I really think they would shoot themselves before voting for a Democrat.

      It’s bizarre, right?

      Republicans send them off to needless wars and then vote against helping the veterans.

      We Democrats try to avoid needless wars and work to help the vets.

      Yet, so many vets hate us.

  • Ned Nutley

    He screws military families and the poor and the sick and seniors, then republicans like him go to church on Sunday and pretend to be Christians!