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… because of his racist slur of Elizabeth Warren:

In a so-called “listening session” with 10 Democratic senators last week, Trump reportedly got no pushback when he repeatedly called Warren “Pocahontas” while making the point that she had become the face of “your party.”

“I heard this from a couple of my colleagues who were there,” Franken told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. “And I — I would have said something.”

“I would have said, ‘Mr. President, with due respect, that’s racist. Please stop doing that. I’m on Indian Affairs [subcommittee]. This is completely unacceptable. You really should stop doing this. It doesn’t serve anybody.’”

Franken also told CNN that there are Republican legislators who question Trump’s mental health:

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) said early Sunday that Republican colleagues have expressed concern to him about President Trump’s mental health.

“A few, yeah,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We all have this suspicion that, you know, he lies a lot. He says things that aren’t true. That’s the same as lying, I guess,” Franken, who’s mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential candidate, added.

“You know, 3 [million] to 5 million people voted illegally,” Franken said, referencing Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that widespread voter fraud cost him the popular vote.

That is not the norm for a president of the United States or actually for a human being.”

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By: dave-dr-gonzo

Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan's less trendy neighborhoods.

  • Jungle_Bhoy

    I would not expect much from the present intake of Democrats – Franken, Warren and a few others stand out but the majority are too ingrained in the political fabric to cause ripples. It is time for a clearing-out – we don’t need silent partners as our representatives.

    • granpa.usthai

      no reason to say NO to that!

      it is not possible to be heard by the DEPLORABLES by being silent.


      that’s more than the population of 20 states in the union.

      IT’s PAST TIME that their voices be heard in congress – loud enough for the orange blob to hear at the white house.

      It’s past time for the US to set aside a special day to celebrate and HONOR brave and BOLD Native Americans like Pocahontas! – and who else to lead such a celebration than one who has been likened to her by one and all? – deplorables included.

      make July 3rd the day the government of the people pay tribute and honor to Pocahontas for her BRAVERY, HONESTY and LOYALTY to her love, her people and the people of the one she loved enough to lay down her own life for.

  • labman57

    Indeed, using the term “Pocahontas” in a derogatory manner is no different than referring to Obama as “Sambo”.

    • Larry Schmitt

      Or his wife as an ape in heels.

      • Suzanne McFly

        How effing disgusting is that? Michelle is completely beautiful and those dip$hits wish they could lick her heels, let alone marry her and have her become the mother of your two beautiful daughters.

      • StoneyCurtisll

        Or Euro-trash porn…(Malania)
        We have seen the the pictures…
        (not that there is anything wrong with that)

    • Suzanne McFly

      But we can continue to call him a tart, right? No deserts should be offended, no one wants to put him in their mouth.

    • granpa.usthai

      HTF can you possibly use Pocahontas in a derogatory manner?

      does referring to someone as : Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Crazy Horse, Cowboy John Wayne, Betsy Ross, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, General Patton, MOH (Medal Of Honor) recipient, considered derogatory?

      HELL NO!

      Democrats should APPLAUD Elizabeth Warren and congratulate her at every given opportunity! – especially in the face of the COWARDLY tiny hands orange blob.

      • Larry Schmitt

        It’s obvious the intention was derogatory.

        • granpa.usthai

          just because an orange blob wants it to be derogatory?

          ‘F’ trump and his deplorables.

          Pocahontas is a person to be ADMIRED and RESPECTED.

          AMERICANS SHOULD APPLAUD Elizabeth Warren every time she is referred to as Pocahontas, even in the face of the DEPLORABLE LOSER of the POPULAR Vote by 3,000,000. a number that is greater than the total population of 20 states of the union.

      • labman57

        It’s rather easy, Einstein.
        (See what I did there?)

  • Larry Schmitt

    He’s right, except for the “with due respect.” trump has already proven that there is no respect due him. And he continues to prove it every day.

    • Suzanne McFly

      I would have to say it is more respect for the office, not the human.

      • granpa.usthai

        the sitting potus IS the office. (or a reflection thereof) ~ something the republicans in the legislature need to take into consideration.

        • Jack E Raynbeau

          Indeed. The only person obligated to respect that office is the officeholder.

      • fahvel

        why should an office deserve respect? It’s the who (in the case of orange sht, who may be an over statement) not the title –

        • Suzanne McFly

          Great men held the title of that office and rump does not deserve to sit in the same seat as they once have.

  • crc3

    The way Rump has been spewing cr*p out of his mouth for years now he deserves nothing polite or with decorum. I would not hesitate telling my opinion of him to his face….

  • Suzanne McFly

    Wow, Franken sounds like a politician now. He is so reserved and guarded with his words. He will get a lot further speaking that way, even to a tool like rump. I however would of laced the “you’re a racist” with some colorful language. If I have rumps attention, he will remember every word I have to say.

    • granpa.usthai

      I fully agree. the only way the trump trash deplorables c*nts can understand what you are saying is when you speak in their filthy vile lingo. It’s as if the old standardly acceptable American is a foreign language to these ‘F’ ing p*ssy grabbing tards. I say address the tiny hands fatass urine orange blob with ‘F’ ing language he understands.

      • Suzanne McFly

        Hell, I don’t care if they understand me, they just pi$$ me off and make me cuss lol.

  • granpa.usthai

    calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ should be accepted by the Democrats with PRIDE.

    there should be a day DEDICATED to her memory and her COURAGE! (something the tiny hands orange blob could never understand).

    Pocahontas, like Elizabeth Warren, is a woman to be admired, trusted and believed!

    it would be like calling Hillary Clinton, Betsy Ross, or Al Franken, George Washington.

    Democrats should NEVER show contempt for Native Americans (whose blood flows through many of US) – nor should they EVER allow the white racist republicans attempt to slur their heritage (such as recently in Oregon).

    HOLD the tiny handed orange blob’s feet to the fire!

    DEMAND to know what his concept of Pocahontas IS!

    DO NOT leave it hanging for his DEPLORABLES to gaggle over – DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND! until the little urine colored worm decides it’s better for himself not to wiggle so much for his DEPLORABLES.

    POCAHONTAS IS A GREAT WOMAN, who EARNED her status in American History, not selected like the orange blob was even when Hillary Clinton (another GREAT WOMAN who has earned her status in American History) WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 3,000,000 – a number that is greater than the population of 20 states of the union.

    Elizabeth Warren should stand up proudly in the US Senate and tell her republican counterparts that she IS PROUD to be placed with the memory of Pocahontas in American History….just like the orange blob will be likened unto the little german guy with the funny mustache.

    • Mensa Member

      >> calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ should be accepted by the Democrats with PRIDE.

      That fact that Republicans THINK it’s an insult, says a lot.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    I just made the mistake of clicking on the link that sent me The Hill website….
    Will not make that mistake again…
    The shower temp can never be hot enough to rinse that scum from my conscience..

    • Larry Schmitt

      The Hill seems to attract a pretty vile sort of commenter.

      • Suzanne McFly

        If we could get someone to shut down that site, how many heads would pop? I wish I had the skills to do that, just for $hits and giggles.

      • StoneyCurtisll

        It was a hideous display of the absurd…
        I was thankful to leave with little bit of sanity I have left…

  • Foundryman

    Respect is earned, trump hasn’t earned any.

  • fahvel

    of course the thing is unbalanced and suffers something with a long clinical name – but folks with the same maladie made him your president – before election, where was the real outrage??

    • amersham1046

      no long clinical name , just a ‘Me Complex’

  • trees

    I know, right?

    And the Washington Redskins…..

    Racist through and through.

    Don’t even get me started on the Dallas Cowboys….

    • bpollen

      Ahh… the resident racist troll speaks!

  • amersham1046

    Telling him to his face wouldn’t faze him at all , do it on the front page of the NYT and lead story on CNN
    A magnitude 9 twitter quake would follow in seconds

    • Larry Schmitt

      You mean “fake news” CNN and the “failing” New York Times?