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And more at sister marches around the world.

The massive rally, with double the 250,000 attendees at Trump’s Friday inaugural, packed the route of a planned march on the White House so densely that there was no room to stage the walk.

Not that it seemed to matter as a new generation of protesters locked arms with veterans, united by their animus for Trump.

“It’s just so hard to see this person in the White House that you didn’t want to see,” said Sophia Feinerman, 16, of Chicago. “I’m just so disappointed that we have someone in the White House who doesn’t respect, among other things, women’s issues.”

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  • Red Eye Robot Man assaults woman at #womensMarch

    • oldfart

      Butt hurt bad eh oil stain?
      Nice try, do keep posting fake news like a good little boy.

    • Mensa Member

      We liberals don’t defend misbehavior by our own, the way conservatives do.

      I didn’t watch the video, because I avoid such things, but I condemn violence, even by self-professed liberals.

      So, posting some video indicated nothing about liberalism.

    • granpa.usthai

      looks kinda like someone at a trump klanpaign rally …white, rude, and full of anger –

      acts a lot like them too.

      my advice would be to run through EVERY video of trump’s klanpaign rallies, might possibly come up with a match!

  • oldfart

    I’d gladly post over fifty pics of people of color but I am unwilling to let a creep use them for nefarious purposes…
    In the words of Madonna F*CK YOU.

    • Mensa Member

      Is the conservative media trying to claim that the women’s march was not diverse enough for them?


  • Mensa Member

    Trump’s reaction this weekend shows what a petty little man he is.

    • whatthe46

      and that is what start wars.

      • Mensa Member

        Having a thin-skinned reactionary for president could get a lot of people killed.

        And, of course, conservatives will blame us liberals.

        • granpa.usthai

          the FAKE PHONY republican patriots? conservatives will most likely start an UNDECLARED war – don’t know if the military is quite ready to be ‘led’ into action by a 6X urine colored COWARD, or if the American people will support the military if they do?

          trumpland is so ify ify…..hard to say what would happen.

          I do think it’s way past time for the FAKE PHONY republican patriots? to start being called out though. at least 1 a week.

  • oldfart

    We all know he does it just to get a rise and I’m pretty damn sure
    ol’ oil stain knows it. He prefers to sh*t and run.