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Foreign leaders and nations around the globe have been fretting over the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. But not members of Israel’s right wing. Israel’s Jewish Home and Likud parties, each considered to the right of the political spectrum, were reportedly “eager” to see if Trump would provide support for the country looking to build…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • anothertoothpick

    Arent most countries of the world right wing now?

    • fahvel


      • anothertoothpick

        Only the United States and Israel?

        • robert

          You can add NK and Iran since they endorsed him

  • fahvel

    oh the poor fools.

  • Mensa Member

    Trump’s speech was all about NOT helping other countries.

    Israel is at the top of that list.

  • Dcbos

    Remembering what his Slogan America First stood for in the past ; it’s original meaning was anti jewish.