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That’s what a new super-fast plane promises.

It would carry ten people, using rocket boosters to climb to 40,000 feet and could zoom round the globe in less time than it takes to watch a game of football.

A ‘supersonic combuston ramjet engine’ would then bring the plane up to speeds of Mach 24, which is 21 times the speed of sound.

A normal Boeing 747 has a top speed of 570 miles an hour, but the Antipode would be capable of reaching a whopping 16,000 mph.

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  • Red Eye Robot

    Can we power it with Solar panels or windmills?

    • granpa.usthai

      not a bad idea as electric engines are much more efficient than internal combustion.

      might be something there!

      • Stan Ubeki

        It’s not a “bad” idea”, just a totally implausible one.

    • Stan Ubeki

      Take a physics course please.

      • The Original Just Me

        Does that come in a Blue Bottle ?

    • arc99

      Solar powered flight is a reality. if you are inclined to make any stupid remarks about the fact that this flight took 23 days, keep in mind the Wright brothers first powered flight acheived a speed of a whopping 7mph.

      Continue to wallow in ignorance as most right wingers do.

      Solar plane makes history after completing round-the-world trip

      • The Original Just Me

        Think about this. IF you were able to just Hover in one spot for 24 hours, you could look East and travel clear around the world.

    • The Original Just Me

      Your abundant supply of Methane.

    • NASA Solar powered pollution free EmDrive may take you to Mars in 70 days.

      According to NASA’s team, the electromagnetic drive, or EmDrive, converts electricity into thrust simply by bouncing around microwaves in a closed cavity. In theory, such a lightweight engine could one day send a spacecraft to Mars in just 70 days. (Find out why Elon Musk thinks a million people could live on Mars by the 2060s.)

      The long-standing catch is that the EmDrive seemingly defies the laws of classical physics, so even if it’s doing what the team claims, scientists still aren’t sure how the thing actually works.

  • veggiedude

    Ronald Reagan proposed this during his term and nothing ever came of it. I hope this time it is real.

    • The Original Just Me

      YOU Believed something Reagan said ?????

    • The story is based upon DARPA’s 13,000 MPH Falcon HPV experimental test in 2012. Nine minutes under control was outstanding until meltdown.
      Pilot alert: ‘passengers we’re halfway to London. Time to bailout at Mach 20…’

    • Bunya

      Reagan started working on this, but with consulting Nancy’s crystal ball for advise on running the country, trashing the economy, destroying the middle class, and making excuses for his bumbling of Iran-Contra, he had little time to work on something like a super sonic airplane.

  • The Original Just Me

    21 times the speed of sound. Okay How would you have time to hear the Young Lady say; ” What would you like to drink ? ” Before you were landing ?

  • Dwendt44

    Implausible is the right answer. The SR-71 was right at the limit for speed for an airplane.
    Mac 3.3 or 2,193 MPH. Above that the heat build up would affect the metal hull and wings. It did go a bit faster but for a short time.

  • robert

    So the Concord was scrapped and they found something louder and faster