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The Daily Beast takes us back to 2007, two years after reality show character Donald Trump, now the GOP’s presidential candidate, hit on the quite married then-Access Hollywood cohost Nancy O’Dell.

Less than two years after a female journalist supposedly rebuffed Donald Trump’s sexual advances—as heard on newly discovered video—he allegedly tried to have her fired from one of his beauty pageants. …

That married woman (identified as “Nancy” by Trump) was subsequently identified by Access Hollywood as former host Nancy O’Dell during the show’s Friday night episode.

Trump interacted with O’Dell, who now works on Entertainment Tonight, in her side-gig as a host at Trump beauty pageants. O’Dell co-hosted (along with her Access Hollywood colleague Billy Bush) the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant in 2004 and 2005. Trump made his vulgar comments about O’Dell to Bush in 2005.

In 2007, TMZ reported that the real-estate mogul wanted to kick O’Dell to the curb as Miss USA host because he allegedly didn’t like the way she looked while she was several months pregnant. (Trump’s people did not deny the report at the time, and simply refused to comment.)
The report became tabloid fodder in the pages of outlets like People magazine and the New York Post.

Ultimately, Trump’s bid to get O’dell nixed (whatever his true motivation) was unsuccessful. O’Dell was under contract with NBC, which decided to keep the five-months pregnant host. She ended up hosting the that year’s ceremony alongside Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent.

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  • whatthe46

    oh we know the reason. if he can’t get what he wants, he’ll retaliate. wouldn’t surprise me if he has ever had anyone murdered. the pos.

    • crc3

      Wouldn’t put it past the slime ball. Speaking of balls maybe he should be castrated…

      • whatthe46

        can you imagine the line of women wanting a chance. hey, how about a lottery. 1$ entry fee. the winner get to decide how to castrate this pos. i’m sure the guy who made the naked tRump statute would mind it being used. it gets filmed and replayed over and over again on youtube surrounded by 100’s of women. hey, a girl can fantasize too.

        • whatthe46

          all proceeds will go to violence against women charities.

      • Robespierre0753

        I think he just self-castrated. The gelding of Trump Tower.

      • oldfart

        Hell yeah…why he could do that to himself on fifth avenue…
        and still get votes…


    His fragile pride/ego was hurt because she didn’t want that sleazy man sexually and didn’t want to cheat on her husband. No surprise he retaliated because he didn’t get what he wanted and she made her feel less powerful.

  • Robespierre0753

    Trump is not only a misogynist but a gynophobe. He just ran into the buzz saw of Girl Power. This is too funny. Now it’s clear: Trump and the GOP are terrified of Hillary Clinton.