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Vincent  is chair of Trump’s Florida law enforcement supporters.

[He] has been fired from his day job as a pilot for Eastern Air Lines, which provides private planes to Trump running mate Mike Pence. The reason? According to The Guardian, it stemmed from their earlier report, published last Sunday, that Caldara had been charged last year with repeatedly ramming a man with his car. He’s also alleged to have clipped a woman while driving recklessly on his motorcycle in June 2014, which the victim is suing him over.

Eastern told The Guardian on Sunday that “Mr Caldara is no longer employed by Eastern Air Lines” in a statement, making sure to “wish him well in his future endeavors” and stress that ” Eastern has no further comment on this to respect everyone’s privacy.” Marc Lotter, Pence’s press secretary, added that “Mr Caldara is not a paid employee of the Trump campaign nationally or in the state of Florida.”

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  • Larry Schmitt

    Eastern Airlines? I thought I was reading something from the archives. They went bankrupt back in 1991.

    • Budda

      Me too.

  • Buford2k11

    Eastern Airlines? A Ruskie Front Company? nah…Alex Jones would have caught that…oh wait..

    • Larry Schmitt

      Just another false flag, according to him.

  • oldfart

    Yet one more to file under deplorable.

  • arc99

    As always, if your bad temper and poor judgement become public knowledge, Mr. Trump and the campaign will disavow any knowledge of your actions or involvement in his campaign. This tape/disc will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck sucker….

  • William

    Doesn’t anyone who ISN’T a raving lunatic want to work for the Chump campaign ?

    • Willys41

      Only the “best” people. The “best” who want anything to do with Trump.

      • William

        This I can tell you.

  • majii

    I believe it’s due to guys like Caldera that we have the major policing problem that we have today specifically, cops gunning unarmed citizens down in our streets. Because of his tendency to use violence to solve his problem, this guy had no business working in law enforcement in the first place. I’m glad that Eastern Airlines fired his butt after learning of his past violent incidents with others. Another article I read stated that the Trump Campaign repeatedly refused to respond to The Guardian for comment on Caldera. It’s doing what it usually does when bad news related to Trump is revealed—-gone silent. The Trump Campaign did say one thing, though, and it was that Caldera is not a paid member of the campaign. Yeah, riiight. Dude’s just flying Pence all over America for free.

  • DinoBeliver

    I quoted this article in a discussion today with Mr. Caldara. He claims it is fake news. Cananyone verify if this did, in fact, happen. He claims that he was vindicated and the person who made the allegations in the road rage incident was prosecuted for perjury. Any information would be helpful.