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A Minnesota restaurant owner put up the sign Monday morning.

The sign outside Treats Family Restaurant in Lonsdale, Minnesota, reads “Muslims Get Out.” A second line reads “In Support Of St. Cloud.”

Owner Dan Ruedinger says the sign has led to some backlash, but he says business is up so much that he had to call in three extra workers Monday.

“It’s time that people started standing up, not worrying about the PC crowd and do what is right,” Ruedinger said. “And I feel what we’re doing is right. We are not targeting the Muslims in general, just the extremists. And that’s all I can say. It’s my right and I’m going to stand up, and I wish more people would do it.”

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  • whatthe46

    When they are acting out ignorantly it’s because they are tired of being “PC” and they when are called out for being ignorant and hateful, I.e., deplorable, they cry. Can’t make this guano up.

    • Tommie

      Good Morning! Have you been getting enough sleep?

      • whatthe46

        GM and nope.

        • Tommie

          Haha! At least you can’t blame me!

  • arc99


    Not targeting all Christians in general, just the extremists.. It’s time that people started standing up, not worrying about the PC crowd and do what is right

    • whatthe46

      Here here.

    • shindigg

      Precisely put!

    • Bunya

      Are you kidding? If you did that, you’d have the poor, maligned Christians in front of your store 24/7 whining and moaning, ad nauseum, to anyone who’ll listen, about how your establishment is forever persecuting them.
      Now I, myself, can only take the whining for so long. Then I’d have to grab my shotgun and give them Christian something to gripe about.

    • oldfart

      Goose, meet gander.

  • rat618

    Another example of Minnesota Nice…not all racists are in the South. Remember the July 4th parade in Albert Lea where the fire truck flew the Confederate flag…

  • shindigg

    But he’s doing what’s WRONG, not right. It has nothing to do with P.C., it has to do with BEING and DOING WRONG, which is what he and his sign are. WRONG!

    It’s wrong to, indiscriminately, be mean to Muslims in America, just like it IS WRONG (and goes against God) for Muslims to be, indiscriminately, mean to non Muslims in predominately Muslim lands, and this sign in Minnesota alienates good Muslims who you need to help temper the extremists.

    The owner of the establishment knows he’s doing wrong as well, but he, apparently, can’t control himself. The reason I say he knows he’s wrong is because he says he’s not “targeting Muslims in general, just the extremists….” But the sign DOESN’T SAY “terrorists,” it says Muslims. That is where he is wrong.

    The sign appears to be targeting Muslims. The sign is meant to be mean to Muslims, not terrorists, and that is why the sign and the owner of the establishment are wrong in their bigoted, counterproductive actions. Wrong!

  • Mike N.
  • amersham1046

    Hate is the handmaiden of ignorance

  • Charlie Seivard

    Hope he goes belly-up real soon.

  • Gary Parillo

    Apparantly people like that are just to ignorant and brainwashed to understand that the vast majority of muslims are peaceful and kindhearted people who hate the extremists as much as,and maybe even moreso,as everyone else.Most, if not all of the muslims who have come here,have done so because they appreciate our freedom and opportunities.They ignore the reports of muslims in the M.E. who have hid and saved the lives of christians from extremists,and they are ignorant of the fact that the majority of victims in the ME. Are muslim.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Evidently not DFL territory.

  • bpollen

    St. Cloud spits on your bigotry.

  • oldfart

    I think he didn’t know how to spell extremist.
    He didn’t want to look stupid… ;)