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Michele Bachmann, who says she’s now a foreign policy adviser to Trump, told Breitbart news that Obama’s administration has “sanctioned” violence against conservatives and whites.

The people who were doing the pounding, the spitting, the physical touching, the violence, nothing happened to them, there wasn’t an arrest. And part of that is because the Justice Department now has a new program in place for these major metropolitan areas and it’s called Disparate Impact, and what they’re saying is if blacks or Latinos are being arrested in greater numbers than whites, then that is considered an obvious sign of racism. It doesn’t matter if it is more blacks or Latinos who are lawless, cops are told you can’t arrest, you can’t book more minorities than you can whites.

So the cops essentially, at this point, are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. So what’s happening is that normal, happy America, minding their own business, are the ones who are being impacted and assaulted and there is nothing happening to the lawless. So we’re no longer able to be in a situation where we just go about our lives and mind our own business, now we have to practically be our own law enforcement because President Obama has prevented law enforcement from protecting us.

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  • whatthe46

    talk about batshit crazy!

  • Mike

    Wow, and she’s now a foreign policy adviser …???
    I’m in the wrong freakin business …

    • The Original Just Me

      And She is the FREAK.

      • She’s a Super Freak! Early in her state Senate career Bachmann was caught spying on a pro-gay-rights rally by hiding behind bushes. The Senate voted down her amendment in a landslide. Devastated by her crushing defeat, Bachmann decided to go get her groove on by spying on the protesters. Here is a picture of her hiding behind some capitol steps bushes doing something with her colleague Jim Graves. (SERIOUSLY CROUCHING A HUMP BEHIND SOME BUSHES!)

        • The Original Just Me

          It’s too bad that you can’t see what her hands were doing. Those Gay People can be a Turn On.

          • The other guy looks like he’s mad he lost out: ‘Paparazi are here already. Now I’ll never get my turn.’

            • The Original Just Me

              This so called woman is not only Stupid but she is Disgusting

            • Suzanne McFly

              Holy crap, I knew the b!tch was nuts but that goes beyond institution level of nuts.

  • Gary Parillo

    What a pathetic disingenuous twisting of words and deliberate attempt to distort reality!These people have no shame at all.First of all,what is a normal happy american? Are not mexicans&blacks also americans?Cops are “told” you cant arrest more minorities than whites?Outrageous baldfaced lie!!! Obama has “sanctioned” violence against conservatives&whites?? That sounds like an Ann Coulter hate radio meme! Michele, you have reached a new low.Keep twisting reality you pathetic rightcwing ##×#××#!! You ##¥8£#deserve no ##×*€£ respect at all,and you have not a ###€£ ounce of honor!!

    • whatthe46

      great post.

      • Gary Parillo

        Im getting very, very, fed up with right wing,hypocrites,and there constant distortions to persuade the gullible who are to naive to understand that they are constantly being played by these ###☆☆@@## opportunists who vye for power and control and have no ones best interests within their evil dead hearts than their own!! #@#@#@ all of them!!

        • whatthe46

          i couldn’t have said it better.

    • Dwendt44

      “what is a normal happy american?”
      That likely refers to the old saw ‘ignorance is bliss’. Many wacky right wingers are low effort thinkers who stumble through life happy as a clam until they get upset by something bad.

      • whatthe46

        rather, their presumptions of what’s “bad.”

      • Gary Parillo

        Ever notice how almost all the deepest thinkers and philosophers throughout history have mostly been the liberal and openminded? Orthodox is normally shallow and narrow,unorthodox has normally been the creative and inventive.It was the orthodox who burned the books of science in the dark ages,and burned the witches,and impeded new discoveries.I see no difference today with the orthodox conservative fearful to experiment with change.

  • Foundryman

    One of Trumps supreme court nominees right here folks!!
    Anyone who votes for this Ahole is crazier than she is.

  • Tommie

    I feel much better knowing White people never commit crimes! They will be so fixed on minorities that won’t pay attention to the crimes of Whites and their “stats” will remain low because of this!

  • labman57

    Hey Michele,
    Pretty soon, Hispanics will no longer be the minority demographic in America.

    “Oh crap, there goes the neighborhood!”

  • mistlesuede

    “Normal, happy America?”
    These teatards sure like to speak in code.

    • The Original Just Me

      They justin durn’t kwe propar Egilsihes.

      • mistlesuede

        Is dat Svedish?

        • The Original Just Me


    • whatthe46


  • The Original Just Me

    Okay,Who let the Dumb Dog Out ?

    • Bunya

      You realize that statement is very offensive to dogs – including shih-tzus and Chihuahuas.

      • The Original Just Me

        If we were talking about Ann Coulter, it would be a Slobbering Pit Bull.:+)

        • Bunya

          True dat!

  • Nancy Ellis

    And to think she once served in Congess. The dumbing down of America. This chick is a lunatic.

  • bpollen

    If only Marcus could boff her brains out, she might stabilize. Or burst into flame.

  • Larry Schmitt

    “you can’t book more minorities than you can whites.” I wonder when she made up that little tidbit.

    • StoneyCurtisll

      When did this happen?
      I must have missed the memo…:)

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Bachmann: White Americans are being ‘assaulted’ by blacks and Latinos whom Obama won’t arrest.
    Fixed it for her…(no more PC Michel) this is TrumpLand~!

  • (((thinkingwomanmillstone)))

    One of Trump’s BEST people. Enough said.