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Pope Francis approved Mother Teresa’s canonization after a Vatican panel recognized a second miracle attributed to the nun Tuesday. The pontiff had approved the miracle last December. A senior clerics’ committee gave a nod to the nun’s miracle following which Francis signed a decree approving the canonization of the nun, according to reports. The pope set…


By: Alan

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  • anothertoothpick

    Teresa brought in tons of money, but her missionaries looked as bad when she founded them as they did after her death. (During her own illness, Teresa fled to California clinics.) The conditions in her missions were so dire, in fact, that they were once compared to photographs of “Nazi Germany’s Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.”

    Mother Teresa said, “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.”

    • Bunya

      That’s because she bought in tons of money that went directly to the Vatican.
      On another note, Catholic Charities closed down its adoption services because they refused to let children be raised in a loving, caring gay home. Naturally, the state cut off funding to the organization if they didn’t want to follow the law. So, instead of asking the Vatican to pony up, they closed their doors. Guess what the good father had to say:
      “In the name of tolerance, we’re not being tolerated,” Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Ill., told the New York Times when Illinois dioceses stopped adoption services rather than comply.

      • anothertoothpick

        She basically bought the stairway to sainthood.

    • Dwendt44

      Right you are. The ‘medicine’ was close to medieval grade care. She ended up an Agnostic in the end so one might think ‘sainthood’ would be out of reach, but no, a symbol of piety that’s popular will still bring in the money, even IF the ‘saint’ is no ‘saint’.
      The biggest step in reducing if not ending poverty is birth control for the poor. BUT since that’s a big NO NO in the Catholic Church, it is never taken.

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