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This weekend, President Obama has announced that he will be taking further executive action on guns in the wake of the horrific attacks that have come at breakneck pace.

On this week’s Fox News Sunday, Republican presidential nopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie repeated a popular coded method of calling President Obama “boy” for not knowing his place, and trying to do some presidenting around the issue of guns:

Wallace: President Obama is expected to announce executive action on new gun controls this week to expand background checks, and also to bar more accused domestic abusers from being able to buy guns. Your reaction to that?

Christie: This President is a petulant child. Whenever he can’t get what he wants, because frankly, the American people have rejected his agenda by turning over the House and the Senate to republicans, going from 21 Republican governors when he came into office, now 31, now he wants to act as a king. The fact is if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to congress and convince congress they’re necessary, but this is going to be another illegal executive action which I’m sure will be rejected by the courts. When I become president, they will be stricken from executive action by executive action I will take.

Keep in mind, Christie has no idea what actions Obama will take, let alone their potential legality. Speaking of petulance, Christie went on to say …READ MORE

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By: Tommy Christopher

Tommy Christopher is The Daily Banter's White House Correspondent and Political Analyst. He's been a political reporter and liberal commentator since 2007, and has covered the White House since the beginning of the Obama administration, first for PoliticsDaily, and then for Mediaite. Christopher is a frequent guest on a variety of television, radio, and online programs, and was the villain in the documentaries The Audacity of Democracy and Hating Breitbart. He's also That Guy Who Live-Tweeted His Own Heart Attack, and the only person to have ever received public apologies from both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

  • William

    Says the guy who caused a traffic jam, because a town didn’t like him

  • Suzanne McFly

    How do you reject a man by electing him twice? Are we abused spouses?

  • mistlesuede

    “When I become president, they will be stricken from executive action by executive action I will take.”

    Ha ha ha ha! Like you will ever have that chance.

  • Mensa Member

    A petulant child would cause a gigantic traffic jam simply because someone didn’t endorse him.

  • Rocky in Texas said…

    hey wait, ain’t this the guy that shut down the bridge cause some guy didn’t vote for him?! Guy’s got balls the size of raisins.

    • rg9rts

      Didn’t get the endorsement for governor from the mayor of Ft Lee who is a democrat

      • rg9rts

        Ft Lee is the Jersey terminus for the GWB

  • Rocky in Texas said…

    ok, Mr Tommy Christopher…I caught you! And it was a good one! “Republican presidential nopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie” Now that is funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  • rg9rts

    Petulant? Petulant?? Says the poster child for petulance…SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP is his quote