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It seems young right-wing sensation C.J. Pearson has picked up more than just mindless propaganda from his conservative education. He’s also learned to lie as good as a grownup conservative. It seems the foul mouthed 13 year old, whose attacks on Obama have naturally turned him into a folk hero on the right, made a dubious claim this week which got his right-wing fan base worked up in quite a lather. Pearson showed his twitter followers a screen shot clearly showing how that mean old Obummer dude went ahead and took away his first amendment rights by blocking him on Twitter. The outrage was immediate but quickly his story began to unravel.

By Thursday, people were suspicious. First, it was pointed out that CJ was still following Obama after he had been alleged blocked, which contradicts Twitter policy. Twitter users cannot follow accounts that block them. Next, online sleuths were able to link the screenshot that CJ had used to an identical one uploaded months ago. It had been proven fake since.

To the surprise of almost no one, the so-called evidence was indeed faked and the White House did not block Pearson at all. Naturally, that is the end of that since conservatives of all ages, when presented with evidence contrary to what they’ve based opinions on, quickly adjust their positions to reflect the reality of the situation. Umm, yeah, sure. Either that or they deflect by trying to connect the whole mess they made to Benghazi.

Still, conservative websites pounced on it as a news item. In response, White House assistant press secretary Frank Benenati tweeted that CJ was wrong – that the @POTUS account has never blocked anyone on Twitter. This incited a two-minute rebuttal video from the teenager, who accuses the White House of lying. “They lied about Benghazi,” he says in the video. “They lied about the IRS. They lie about every issue of importance to the American people.”

I guess when you put it that way, there’s really not much left to say. The important thing is that the First Amendment freedom of the middle-schooler with a taste for that Right Wing mojo is safe–for now. Pearson can continue to thrill Conservatives with enlightening and uplifting nuggets of wisdom such as this.

“President Obama, you don’t love America. If you loved America, you would call ISIS what it is,” he says, “if you loved America, President Obama, you wouldn’t try to take away what hard-working Americans have worked for their entire lives.”

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • Larry Schmitt

    But like a good little conservative, he had no qualms creating a fake twitter screenshot. He’s off to a good start, he’ll make a good House member. He also has an over-sized opinion of himself, to think that the president would be paying attention to him in the first place.

    • whatthe46

      delusions of grandeur comes to mind.

  • Tommie

    Carson Jr. is off to a good start for the hateful Republicans, he already got the “talking points” down and he is a good little liar! The rights dreams have come true!

  • DewTheMoo

    lol Little Carson has been up to no good with Photoshop, he’ll get hired by Lie-orina…ops I mean Fiorina real soon.

  • Mainah

    Why are we listening to a 13 year old? It is bad enough grown people say false equivalent, conspiratorial, ignorant crap … do we really need to hear it from a teen? Teens lie. It’s what they do.

    • Larry Schmitt

      And sometimes they grow up to be lying adults.

      • whatthe46

        if you sat him down and asked him pointed questions about politics, he’d be fk’n lost. he’s reading from a script and he doesn’t know what it even means. like most republiklowns.

        • Larry Schmitt

          Most adults don’t really understand what they say either. If they did, we wouldn’t be saying “WTF” so often.

      • billr

        Almost always, especially if they are Conservative. Conservatives don’t have much room to learn, change and grow. They are usually brain washed early in life and don’t associate outside their brood.

  • labman57

    The kid is following the lead of his self-righteous mentors in the world of conservative punditry.
    It matters not that you tend to make crap up … so long as you deliver it with great conviction.

  • DogsRgoodpeople

    jeez, what an obnoxious little punk

  • bpollen

    A conservative Obama-hating lying fraudster who happens to be a black kid?

    You’ll have to pry him out of cold dead GOP fingers…

  • Roctuna

    Bill Maher had a great bit the other day about failed gop mascots like this punk, Kim Davis, Cliven Bundy, Joe the Plumber and Josh Duggar. There just doesn’t seem to be much to pick from for rw heros for the common man.

  • scottrose

    I don’t know that the word “conservative” is this right name for that pint-sized House Negro. He’s a pukey little malignant narcissist who has discovered that he can attract approval from white racists by attacking President Obama. He wants for good guidance. There’s nothing in his attacks that indicates high intelligence. To the contrary, his manner of attack reveals his baseline stupidity.