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Pope Francis isn’t shying away from expressing his strong, controversial views during his United States visit.

The pontiff, speaking before 11,000 ticketed guests at an elaborate welcoming ceremony on South Lawn of the White House, signaled he will take on controversial issues during his six-day visit…

In comments that could antagonize Republicans, Francis endorsed President Barack Obama’s efforts on climate change and rebuilding ties with Cuba after more than half a century of estrangement…

He said it was “encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem that can no longer be left to a future generation.”

“When it comes to the care of our ‘common home’ we are living at a critical moment of history,” he said.

Francis also made reference to one of the central themes of his papacy: that the modern global economy is enriching the few at the expense of the many.

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By: Alan

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  • arc99

    Didn’t Christ throw the money-changers out of the temple?

    I am finding it fascinating that we have a Pope who actually tries to put into practice what Christ taught, and the reaction from right wing “Christians” is criticism.

    • Roctuna

      I think our right wing prefers popes like Pius XII who supported fascist dictators prior to and during WWII.

      • anothertoothpick

        The loved the last pope (Ratzunger) who was a member of HITLER YOUTH. During his formative years.

  • rg9rts

    Hear that sound??? The thundering in the distance??? Thats the gopee getting out of town

    • Roctuna

      Blending with the popcorn-like sound of their empty heads exploding.

  • jybarz

    The Evil GOP/Repukes must be writhing in pain listening to the Pope.

  • Suzanne McFly

    He also quoted Martin Luther King from his “I have a dream” speech. This Pope is what the Catholic Church needs so badly right now.

  • Jimmy Fleck

    No mention of his comment about going to Philly “to celebrate and support the institutions of marriage and family?”

    • OldLefty


      • Jimmy Fleck

        I just found it telling that the only subjects mentioned here are the ones the Left agrees with the Pope on.

        • OldLefty

          That’s because this is the first pope who has addressed these issues like this pope does.

          The social issues are old, and everybody has heard them for decades.
          Besides, this Pope has been more accepting of gays than previous popes.

          Do you think that if the pope was conservative on social issues and said little about economic equality that it would be different with the conservatives?

          • Jimmy Fleck

            The Catholic Church has long led the world in helping the poor, housing the homeless, treating the sick, and just about every other form of charity you can name. Yes Pope Francis is calling out even more so for this aspect of Catholicism to be brought forth, but it is not really anything new to practicing Catholics. The Church has also been teaching that homosexuals are deserving of fair treatment and respect as all people deserve for a long time. It is the sin of homosexual acts that the Church teaches against and will always teach against. Read up on the Catechism of the Catholic Church if you want to see what the real Church teaching is on a subject rather than what other people say the Church teaches.

            • JohnJ

              It is the sin of homosexual acts that the Church teaches against and will always teach against.

              Tell that to all those alter boys, and their abusers protected and hidden by this pope’s predecessors.

              What the “liberal” media is pointing out is the improvements brought to the church by this pontiff.

              I don’t think you want to open that can of worms implying the “goodness” of the catholic church; the impetus of a loss of 600+ years of human progress.

            • bpollen

              I know quite well what the Catholic Church teaches. The inculcation began at an early age. They, along with the Catechism, taught hypocrisy, greater concern for the Church and her reputation than the children entrusted to their care, intolerance, self-righteousness. I was taught that I was guilty of adultery in the first grade. I, a first grader, lusting after other men’s wives.

              Yeah, knowing what the Catholic Church has taught is why I am glad that this pope is addressing positive values rather than simply condemning others. Familiarity with the church drives a lot of the anti-church sentiment. Been there, done that, got the emotional scars to prove it.

        • arc99

          This is a liberal website and I am frankly sick and tired of people insisting on some form of “objectivity” that is nowhere to be found at breitbart, freerepublic, redstate etc….

          • Larry Schmitt

            Washington Times, Fox “news”, etc., etc.

        • bpollen

          Do you also find it telling that they have FOOD in grocery stores? Or that they have CLOTHES in Old Navy? Do you go to McDonalds and find it telling that they don’t sell PIZZA?

          Why should any comments out of character for historical popes be newsworthy? Should there be YUUUUUGE headlines because Trump says he’s “really really rich?” Since, historically, he’s said that throughout his public life?

          You just are upset that he doesn’t hate the things you do, and you counter-intuitively expect people on a liberal-leaning to be hating on him too.

          Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to Best Buy to get some liquor…

    • arc99

      Likely because, the article was written for people who know how to research information on their own without having to be spoon fed by FOX and talk radio telling them what to think.

      A review of the full text of the Pope’s remarks makes it clear he plans to attend the Philadelphia conference.

  • maggie

    I think it’s wonderful the catholic church wants to get involved in human rights issues it’s about time…it would be a good idea for the pope to visit with survivors of child molestation by catholic priests…the church has behaved like volkswagon…they have intentionally covered up issues and abandoned victims..while letting priests escape prosecution and moving them around within the church to commit more child molestation…the raping of children is a very serious thing…if the pope doesn’t want to ruin the good will he’s been building he should address the issue of the catholic church’s heinous behavior in light of child molestation by the catholic church….they should move quickly to economically compensate victims through mediation…because they ostracized and abandoned victims while continuing to victimize…..just as they continue to victimize with their war on women…there are 188 female catholic priests through out america and europe…they are protesting ..they have a conference in philly….I suggest catholics go to these female priests…for their spiritual sheparding….the church has failed it’s flock over and over…until it comes to terms with these issues…the church will always be a body of charlatans and hypocrites when it comes to human rights.

  • robert

    i think the pope could care less about politics but the usa left him no choice

  • Larry Schmitt

    Controversial views? Only with the Republican-controlled congress. I think most Americans agree with him.