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Sarah Palin wants them to kiss and make up; well, at least make up.

“Sen. McCain dedicated his life to serving our country, and in my humble opinion the sacrifices made by all ethical service members are heroic — putting it all on the line to defend freedom IS heroic,” Palin said in an email to CNN. “And Donald Trump is a hero in another arena.”

…At the same time, she also rebuked McCain’s remark.

“Everywhere I go, hard-working patriotic Americans — not ‘crazies’ or ‘wacko birds’ — ask me to pass on to Mr. Trump encouragement to keep educating the masses about true ramifications of illegal immigration, and in general the real state of our union,” she said.

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  • Suzanne McFly

    Quit talking in generalities palin, give me specifics. What is wrong with the “real state” of our union?

  • cogitoergodavesum

    In which arena is Trump a hero? Mindless TV? Racism? Combovers?

  • labman57

    So what exactly has Donald done that is the least bit heroic:
    Telling celebrities that “they’re fired” on T.V.?
    Shielding his personal portfolio during his numerous corporate bankruptcy filings?
    Evading the military draft?
    Calling anyone who publicly chastises him a “loser”?

    Oh yeah, having the courage to go out in public with that live ferret which has made a home atop his large head.

  • Tommie

    Sarah Palin giving out advice, she might want to get her own affairs in order, before she hands out any advice! Saying Trump is a hero is something she should apologize for!!! IMO!

    • Gindy51

      Sarah, apologize. Never once has she ever apologized for anything, ever.

      • Tommie

        I did not know that but she still is 5150!

        • tracey marie

          Had to look that up, phychiatric hold, most definetly

  • Talkin_Truth

    McCain fought the Vietcong.
    Trump fought Rosie O’Donnell.

    That’s the same.

  • FatRat

    Damn, McCain is between a rock and a hard place. Criticize Palin and it shows he choose unwisely her for a running mate, agree with the Quitter on Twitter and he still looks bad.

    • The Original Just Me

      The only way, at his age, McCain can get a Hard Place is Viagra. At least Bob Dole was up front about it.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Palin: Trump And McCain Should Make Up Because They’re Both Heroes…


  • The Original Just Me

    Palin said something, Amazing.