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As shocking as it may sound, The New York Post is being accused of manipulating information. This time it’s the New York Police Department calling BS on the right wing tabloid which claimed that new marijuana laws were to blame for an increase in crime. The NYPD is having none of it.

The New York Post editorial (Gotham’s Pot Luck, 3/12/15) is founded on a misconception that “the city simply might not be enforcing the illegal sale of marijuana” because of policy changes at the NYPD. The policy change in question – ending arrests for 25 grams or less of marijuana in plain view – has nothing to do with marijuana sales, for which offenders are still arrested, as are offenders found with more than 25 grams, which is indicative of an intent to sell.

The conservative newspaper, while admitting its data was sorely lacking, still implied that there was a huge increase in shootings and murders in New York City and the relaxation of marijuana laws was the reason. The NYPD claims that all of it is complete nonsense.

Countering the murder and shooting problems is a matter of rapid police response, thorough police investigation, decisive court action against perpetrators, and social intervention with gangs and crews like the NYPD’s Ceasefire program in Brooklyn. We are seeking to array all of these measures in response to the current uptick, but it should also be noted that the current uptick is not all that large. Through March 8th, homicides are up a total of 11 incidents, four of which cases resulted from assaults that took place last year and one of which goes back to 1991. The year-to- date total is still below the numbers recorded as recently as 2012. Robberies, assaults, burglaries, grand larcenies and auto thefts are all down this year for a total decline in index crime 10.7 percent. The implications that crime is spiraling out of control, or that the decline in “plain view” marijuana arrests is the cause, are equally spurious.


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  • Suzanne McFly

    Pretty sure alcohol plays a much bigger part then weed in crimes that are committed in anger, but keep on printing the unfounded drivel your idiot customers completely believe in.

    • bpollen

      Put down the joint, Buzz, we’re going to rob… going to rob… is that a Twinkie?

      • Suzanne McFly

        Pretty much