Coulter, In Radio Interview, Doubles Down On Use Of “R” Word

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Ann Coulter has no regrets about calling President Obama a “retard.”  “Retard” is just colloquial for “loser,” she claimed, and “no one would call someone with Down Syndrome ‘retard.'” It’s the same as cretin, idiot, or moron, or imbecile, she argued.

Colmes: It’s okay for blacks [you claim] to say “You can’t use the N word,”How about people with disabilities who say, “You can’t use the R word?”

Coulter: I would not use any word that was unkind to describe someone who has an actual handicap, mental or physical. I would not do that.

Colmes: But that ‘s what they say you did.

Coulter: Oh, screw them! That’s what they feel I do. I feel they’re being authoritarian…bullying victims.”

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