Cornucopia Of CPAC Crazies

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RightWingWatch has an array of soundbites from the Conservative Political Action Conference and other sources.

Wayne LaPierre: Obama intentionally hasn’t pursued an anti-gun agenda as part of “a massive Obama conspiracy…to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term.”

Liberty Council’s Matt Barber on Faith and Freedom radio: Obama may “start throwing pastors in prison.”

The American Principles Project’s Andy Blom says conservatives are too nice and should stop compromising.

Santorum financier Foster Freiss: “I make a lot of money and don’t like the fact that I’m discriminated against…because of it.

Mitt Romney: I “prevented Massachusetts from becoming the Las Vegas of gay marriage.”

Ann Coulter: The politically correct “are ecstatic to the first black president…even if you get Flavor Flav instead of Thomas Sowell.”

And there is the Sandy Rios column about how Ellen signals “complete eradication of the traditional family” and America’s descent into “moral chaos.”

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