Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad Features Music Based On Gay Jewish Communist Sympathizer Aaron Copland

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Rick Perry’s “Strong” ad, the one featuring the jacket from Brokeback Mountain, the one where he rails against gays in the military, is accompanied by music based on the work of Aaron Copland, who happened to be gay, Jewish, and a communist, reports the Harvard Political Review’s Paul Schied.

My music major roommate, for instance, recently sent an email to our email list:

Just realized this: the music in Rick Perry’s new anti-gay ad is by Aaron Copland, a famous 20th Century American composer…who was an outspoken gay Jew. [Update: the music is not actually by Copland, but is a cheap knock-off of sorts of Copland’s Appalachian Spring according to The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross ’90.]

The HPR’s Eli Kozminsky has since informed me that Copland was also a communist.

As it turns out, Copland didn’t define himself as a communist, but he did support the Communist Party USA ticket in the 1936 election, the FBI included him on a list of suspected communists, and he testified at the Army-McCarthy hearings.

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