Herman Cain Is Incomprehensible In CNN Interview

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Candy Crowley interviewed Herman Cain on CNN Sunday morning and his responses show he tried to have it all ways and is incapable or unwilling to give clear, concise policy positions. On immigration, Cain said states should have the right to set its own rules, but when asked if that means granting amnesty, Cain refused to say yes. Cain seems oblivious to the fact that border patrol issues are national in nature.

On the issue of illegal immigration, Cain restated his support for enforcing laws currently in place, but said he would allow states to deal individually with immigrants. When asked if that meant allowing states to extend amnesty to immigrants, Cain said he wouldn’t use that word.

“It is a package,” Cain said. “Secure the border for real, promote the path to citizenship that’s already there – and the path to citizenship that’s already there doesn’t say anything about amnesty.”

Cain refuses to use the word “profiling,” opting for “targeted identification.” Of course, they’re the same thing, but Cain won’t acknowledge that.

When asked by Crowley about the position he staked out at CNN’s National Security Debate Tuesday on “targeted identification” at airport security checkpoints, Cain said he was simply proposing the most sensible solution to protect Americans.

He said he didn’t use the term “profiling” because of its use in other situations.

“Targeted identification is a deliberate approach to figure out patterns associated with people who have tried to kill us,” Cain said. “That’s what that is. Profiling has been used in a lot of other situations and it obscures the whole issue.”

No, Herman, you’re obscuring the whole issue, and almost every issue on which you’ve commented.

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