Trump And Birtherism Are Back!

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First Donald Trump took credit for president Obama presenting his long-form birth certificate. Now, he’s not sure.

Trump corroborated the new questions surfacing, stating, “I’m not a believer, I don’t know how it miraculously appeared.” Insisting that he really, really “didn’t want to talk about that,” he continued to say he was “not a fan” of the birth certificate in the form it appeared.

[Greta] Van Susteren then asked why he had stopped talking about it, and why he had more of less said he was done with the issue, and taken full credit for it being a closed case. “It was never put to rest,” he clarified, “I’m at a point where I said, ‘the country is going to Hell in a handbasket, and we shouldn’t be talking about the birth certificate.” The fact that it “suddenly appears” when he wants it, Trump explained, made him very suspicious. “I’m just not as easily convinced.”

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