ABC Viewers In Uproar Over Chaz Bono Choice For “Dancing With The Stars”

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It’s just too much for some viewers to accept that Chaz Bono will be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

  • You have to literally forsake God, His Word, and common sense to call homosexuality good, normal and acceptable. Chaz is a contestant because of her radical decision; there is no other good reason. There is another gay contestant this season, which makes it obvious that ABC is making a statement…
  • Sorry to burst your bubble but God does not get a kick out of homosexuality nor the transgendered. As a matter of fact he destroyed two cities because of homosexuaity…
  • I think I am done watching Dancing with the stars. None of these people are stars and I sure don’t want to watch and overweight transgendered person try to make a statement for his lifestyle choice. I want entertainment not social statements …
  • It is disgraceful for ABC to take advantage of ‘former’ stars’ mentally ill children. Having a confused person paraded out for everyone to laugh at is not entertaining. It’s just sad and vulgar.

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