Why Can’t More Bush Defenders Be Like Bush?

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George W. Bush has had the dignity and the decency not to criticize his successor. He understand the pressures and the loneliness of the highest office in the land, and has chosen not to speak out about the policies and actions of the current White House. It’s a shame that his defenders don’t have the same grace. The latest anti-Obama meme is that the White House is telling the American people too much about the bin Laden raid. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday the White House should be less forthcoming on information.

“The more information that goes out about intelligence, the greater the risks to our people and the less likelihood we’re going to be able to capture and/or kill some of the people who would result from the intelligence take here,” Rumsfeld said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

And now Liz Cheney says, “We’re hearing too many details” about the killing of bin Laden, saying, “There are things we shouldn’t know and our enemies shouldn’t know.” Funny how the people who didn’t succeed the last time around in capturing bin Laden and who started a war against a country that wasn’t a threat to the United States have such wonderful advice for the current administration.

George W. Bush, whatever he may be thinking or feeling privately, has the good sense and the grace to keep his own counsel.

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