Lawrence O’Donnell Confronts Condoleezza Rice On Going to War Under False Premises

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Lawrence O’Donnell was given seven minutes with former Secretary of  State Condoleezza Rice, which turned into a longer interview once she got riled up.  She was not too pleased with what she termed his “interruptions” and “commentary,” and did not directly account for her statement that Saddam Hussein could be responsible for a “mushroom cloud” coming our way. Tommy Christopher at Mediaite sums up.

Things got gradually more “tense,” as O’Donnell described it, when the subject turned to the Bush administration’s post-9/11 assessment of the threat that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq posed. Rice’s responses were mainly Bush-era Golden Oldies about things Hussein did in the early nineties, but O’Donnell’s interrogation was a 180 degree shift from the more deferential treatment the administration received from the press at the time.

Some might even say O’Donnell swung the pendulum too far the other way, at times replacing actual questions with, as Rice observed, “your own commentary,” but he did land some powerful blows, such as his invocation of Rice’s famous “mushroom cloud” quote.


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