Extreme Weather Underscores How Man Is Ruining The Earth

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Brad Johnson at Think Progress makes the great point that tragedies such as flooding, tornadoes should be reminders that man meddling with nature by drilling for oil and burning coal  is ruining the earth. Scientist have been warning us about this destruction for years and we are ignoring them with disastrous results.

Climate scientist Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (pictured), in an email exchange with Think Progress, expanded on this premise.

It is irresponsible not to mention climate change. … The environment in which all of these storms and the tornadoes are occurring has changed from human influences (global warming).

Climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State explains that climate change is part of every meteorological event.

The fact remains that there is 4 percent more water vapor–and associated additional moist energy–available both to power individual storms and to produce intense rainfall from them. Climate change is present in every single meteorological event, in that these events are occurring within a baseline atmospheric environment that has shifted in favor of more intense weather events.

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