Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Ups Tea Party Flag To Stars And Stripes Status

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, following one day of sanity, hasn’t maintained the new normal. She signed legislation giving the Gadsden Tea Party flag equal status with the American flag. The law she created allows home owner associations to fly a number of different flags, in spite of regulations that say otherwise.

Current law overrides any rules when it comes to the U.S. flag, the flags of any branch of the military, the state flag, the POW-MIA flag and the flag of any Indian nation. The new law will add the Gadsden flag to that protected list, that yellow flag with the drawing of a coiled rattlesnake and the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Backers say the new law simply recognizes the historical role of the Gadsden flag during the American Revolution.

But some foes pointed out that the flag has most recently become a tea-party symbol of revolt against government authority.

“Don’t tread on me” needs to be emblazoned on a version of the United States flag so tea partiers and their enablers don’t disrespect it.

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