Guess Who Seemingly Supports Big Government Regulation of Vaginas, Because It’s OK With God?

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by DCdebbie

Guess who said THIS on Monday at the  Iowa Family Leader’s presidential lecture series:

Life comes from our creator, not our government…

Liberty comes from our creator, not from government.

Therefore, the purpose, if there is to be a purpose, for government is to protect life and liberty.

Did you guess Ron Paul?

Mr. Ron “small-government” Paul.

So is the notorious and highly visible libertarian leader is now rewriting their philosophy to allow government to actively infiltrate women’s bodies? The proud deregulators of the Republican party are now pro-regulation of the relationships between doctors and their patients. Using God as a loophole–pretty brilliant and corrupt. Was Paul getting strategy tips from Rove?

There are many reasons why I dislike Libertarians, but at least we could all agree on being pro-choice. I had a modicum of respect for Libertarians because, while they personally might be against abortion, they at least put religion aside to follow their “principle” of limited government intrusion. Long story short: Libertarians are well-known to be pro-choice. They might not support government funding for abortions, but they weren’t actively seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Going back to Ron Paul’s argument that “our creator” allows government to regulate things He provides (and as an pro-separation-of-church-and-state atheist, I’m baby-barfing in my mouth about this creator business)…well, this creator rule is going to throw a HUGE old monkey wrench into the libertarian and Tea Party philosophies of deregulation.

  • Trees come from “our creator”
  • Animals come from “our creator”
  • Water and air come from “our creator”

Does this mean that libertarians are in support of government regulation and protection of the environment, earth, animals?

Do libertarians support clean energy bills and protection of the environment?

Will Libertarians become champions of the Environmental Protection Agency?

Well, Tea Party? WHAT SAY YOU?

Seeing as how the biggest climate-deniers are the Koch brothers… and given that the corporations who sponsor teaparty leaders are the biggest polluters and advocates for deregulation to maximize their profits…

I’m going to say that libertarians are probably not going to apply this “creator” rule on the Earth. However, there is probably one plant on this Earth that libertarians will still fight to the death to support. You’ll find out in the video above.

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