Sarah Palin Ecourages Donald Trump’s Birther Fantasies

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Appearing on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, Sarah Palin’s attitude about Donald Trump’s birther jones amounted to, “You go, Guy.” (via Mediaite)

She expressed hope that perhaps Trump’s piles of money would be the key ingredient missing from prior investigations of the President’s birthplace; Orly Taitz, despite having about 10 jobs, doesn’t have a hotel in New York City —know what I mean? Palin also expressed hope that Trump’s money and resources could counter the $2 million she claims Obama has spent to keep the certificate hidden from the public. Her attitude suggested a quiet, but not overt, encouragement of Trump’s investigation.

Despite saying she believes the president was born in Hawaii, Palin knocked him by saying his decision not to release his birth certificate was “perplexing.” The problem with that is, he did release his birth certificate.

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