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Yes, this sounds silly, but when you look at the universe through the eyes of Columbia University physicist Brian Greene you realize how small we really are in the multiverse. His new book, The Hidden Reality, could help put our worries in perspective.

A peak at his theories in the New York Times Sunday Magaine:

Wasn’t [our origins] already answered by the Big Bang theory? Is that outdated now?

I wouldn’t say it’s outdated. It’s been enhanced into another version called inflationary cosmology, which has a bang that is bigger than the originalBig Bang’s. In fact, there may have been many big bangs, one of which created our universe.The other bangs created other universes.

Right. In your forthcoming book, “The Hidden Reality,” you ponder the possibility of a “multiverse” composed of many universes.But what kind of worlds are we talking about? Clumps of subatomic particles in space?Or universes with restaurants and museums?

Some might have museums and restaurants. Some might have copies of you and me havinga conversation similar to this one. Yet other universes would be vastly different. They could involve a gigantic expansive space that might be filled with other forms of matter governed by other kinds of physical laws. In one such universe, when the apple is released by a tree, it might go up instead of down.

Some might have no neocons, no Palins, and no tea parties. Nirvana.

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