The Two Most Important Names In The New GOP House?

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by Barry Weintraub

Just a note to tell you all to remember the names of Samir Shabazz (pictured, left), head of the Philadelphia chapter of the New Black Panther Party, and party member Jerry Jackson (right).  If Darrell Issa proceeds as promised, come January, we won’t be focused on hearings designed to create jobs and stimulate the economy.  Instead, we will be focused on subpoenas of Justice Department and White House officials, calling them to testify in an investigation to determine if Barack Obama’s Justice Department deliberately short circuited proceedings that would have prosecuted these two guys for being “menacing” in front of a Philadelphia polling location in November of 2008. Bear in mind that there were no formal complaints lodged in connection with this “incident” that local police investigated at the time.

In light of these pending hearings you might ask yourselves why Barack Obama and his Democratic majority failed to conduct war crimes investigations of the Bush/Cheney regime upon assuming power in 2009? After all, would that have not been a legitimate pursuit supported by most who had just elected them? The explanation back then was that getting this country back on its feet and doing the business of the American people in a forward-looking manner superseded by far the need to look backward and punish the vanquished.  Some viewed that as a highly civilized and evolved approach to government.  Under the new leadership in the House, evolution and what is “civilized” will once again be on the table for discussion.

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