Right-Wing Fear Machine: Sharia Law Coming To A Town Near You

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Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle has already played the fear card, falsely claiming Sharia law is in place in two American towns. Newt Gingrich has also played on this fear, as it’s a real crowd pleaser to the far right.

At the Values Voters summit in September, Newt Gingrich said – to a standing ovation – that “[w]e should have a federal law that says Sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States.” He has also warned that jihadists are trying “to replace Western civilization with a radical imposition of Sharia.”

Sadly, these high profile politicians are not alone.

Meanwhile, a former county Republican Party chairman told the Washington Post that residents opposed to a proposed mosque in Tennessee are worried that “the Muslims coming in here will keep growing in numbers and override our system of law and impose Sharia law.”

On the Internet, which is awash in warnings about Sharia law, Pamela Geller of the influential conservative blog Atlas Shrugged warns of “creeping Sharia” in the United States.

In the right-leaning tabloid the New York Post this week, columnist Andrea Peyser warned readers that “[c]oming soon to a TV in your child’s bedroom is a posse of righteous, Sharia-compliant Muslim superheroes.”

Peyser quoted a column suggesting the show was designed to indoctrinate children and said it “has the seal of approval of a Sharia board.”

In Oklahoma, a constitutional amendment is on the ballot to ensure that courts in the state don’t succumb to Sharia law. So, how about letting folks know just what “Sharia law” is:

Sharia law is strict Islamic law. It is designed to guide devout Muslims in their personal and professional dealings, and has been used by the Taliban and others to justify limits on women’s rights and harsh punishments, including amputation and stoning.

The Council on Foreign Relations has a primer on Sharia law.  Maybe when it arrives in the U.S., the stonings can be on pay-per-few and the money can go to reduce the deficit.

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