Sharron Angle Flip-Flops On… Everything?

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

Everyone reading this has heard plenty about Tea Party darling and RWNJ Sharron Angle. Angle has made her positions quite clear, and they are on the record. She is against government-run health care, except when she is receiving it herself. Angle is also against unemployment insurance and thinks the unemployed need to stop leeching off of the government, except that Angle herself is unemployed and quite happy to be living off of her husband’s federal pension. On top of being a lying hypocrite, Angle has now flip-flopped on these and other issues after looking at her sagging poll numbers.

On Saturday, when speaking with the press, Angle distanced herself from her earlier comments about dismantling Social Security, privatizing Veterans Affairs, and dismissing unemployment benefits as “welfare.” When a reporter asked Angle in May whether the VA should cover her father’s $800 monthly prescription bill, she said: “No, not if you’re working toward a privatized system.” Her new position on the VA is that while she supports the public program “we can do better.” Prior to her recent transformation for the sake of political viability, Angle had described unemployment benefits as an “entitlement” for the “spoiled” citizenry. Her new position on unemployment benefits is that, “We pay into it, so in some respects, it is an insurance policy that we bought into with our paychecks.” But we are just warming up.

There is video evidence of Angle saying “we need to phase Social Security and Medicare out,” but when asked about those views on Fox News on September 17th, she described that characterization of her position as “totally false.” Angle has called for the dismantling of the Department of Education because we have too many teachers and are spending too much money on them, but apparently “that is just totally false” now too. Finally there is her infamous comments about “Second Amendment remedies” to “take Harry Reid out” if she does not win at the ballot box. But now she says she “never said that” either. All of Angle’s lies are captured beautifully by Harry Reid’s latest web ad against her.

So will the real Sharron Angle please stand up?

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