Alaska GOP Senate Candidate Joe Miller: Government “Shouldn’t Have Gotten Into” Social Security

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You have to wonder at what point the extremist views of tea party candidates will be ludicrous enough for a even a majority of Republicans to laugh them off a ticket.  Alaska’s Joe Miller revealed himself on an Alaska radio show to be a serious Tenther. Although he’s not against current beneficiaries continuing to receive benefits, he doesn’t believe future recipients should be afforded the right (h/t Think Progress).

…it’s gotten us into this quandary, where government is into something that it shouldn’t have gotten into. Now we’ve got a whole generation of people that are dependent on it…

Social Security should be transitioned into a program, there’s no question about it, that will allow either the states, or the private entities — whatever the dialogue, I think, results in — to provide payments to you. It is ultimately the government’s responsibility to follow the mandates of the Constitution.

But what if you work in one state and retire to another? What about those who’ve been paying into the system?  What about the risks associated with privatization?  As usual, we have a theory, not based in reality, with no real plan to implement the theory.

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