Robert Spencer Promotes Notion That Jesus Would Burn Quran

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Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs notes that Muslim-basher Robert Spencer (pictured) of “Jihad Watch” posted a link to an article about how Jesus would have supported burning the Quran.  (The article is by Timothy Furnish who describes himself as a “recovering professor”.  We all know how what a horrible profession that is, where you actually want to teach people things, and support edumication.)  Furnish refers to parts of the Quran he deems non-Christian:

I think He might very well approve of burning at least THAT part of the Qur’an; I also doubt that Jesus would have any problem with consigning to the flames the ayahs in Islamic scriptures that mandate attacking non-Muslims (Surah 9:5ff), beheading them (Surah 47:3 and 8:12) and beating one’s wives (Surah 4:34)—just to name a few of the more egregious passages.

Johnson picks up on something quite interesting. Spencer’s original post title was “Furnish: Burn Baby Burn,” as evidenced by the readout of the link: Spencer thought better of that, though, and changed it to “Furnish: The Unforgettable Fire.” But that shouldn’t be surprising coming from person who smears Islam as “the world’s most intolerant religion.”  Who is it that’s the intolerant one here?

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