Sarah Palin Supports N-Word-Using Dr. Laura, Thinks She Lost First Amendment Rights

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Sarah Palin thought Rahm Emanuel should have been fired for alleged use of the R-word (while giving Rush Limbaugh a pass), but believes that Dr. Laura should  “reload” after using the N-Word, according to her favorite 140-character medium: (h/t Mediaite)

Dr.Laura:don’t retreat…reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence”isn’t American,not fair”)

Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America!

The Bill of Rights, something about which Palin fashions herself an expert and defender, is a document protecting the people from the government. Who, exactly, is stopping the radio shrink from expressing herself? Congress? The judiciary? Barack Obama? And this comes against the backdrop of Palin and her fellow conservatives speaking out against Muslims exercising their rights to assemble and worship where they choose.

And here’s what Laura Schlessinger said about Sarah Palin when she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate:

I’m stunned – couldn’t the Republican Party find one competent female with adult children to run for Vice President with McCain? I realize his advisors probably didn’t want a “mature” woman, as the Democrats keep harping on his age. But really, what kind of role model is a woman whose fifth child was recently born with a serious issue, Down Syndrome, and then goes back to the job of Governor within days of the birth?

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