Sarah Palin Admits She’s Not Tough Enough To Be President

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Sarah Palin, doing what she does best and consistently, attacking the “lamestream media,” said they’re the reason she quit her job as governor of Alaska.  She said this in the context of attacking Journolist, the list-serv where a few hundred writers participated to exchange ideas. Palin is particularly sensitive to Journolist because at one point the liberals on the list were discussing her, and Palin thinks this is just another example of the “lamestream media” attacking good Americans.

David Corn has it right, er, correct: Those on this list don’t represent the “lamestream media.”  It is more like a salon where bloggers, who are anything but mainstream, talk to each other. In fact the conservative infrastructure that exists to get out its message is much more pronounced.  Groups like Ed Meese’s Conservative Action Project and Colin Hanna’s Let Freedom Ring meet regularly to fight the left. Hanna is even quoted as saying, “Nothing unites like a common enemy.”

Most alarming, for anyone who thinks Palin has what it takes to be a candidate for a major political office, is her statement to the Daily Caller that it was the media that caused her to leave her job as governor of Alaska.

She said the media became a key reason she decided not to finish out her term as governor and faults, in part, the McCain campaign for failing to vigorously defend her.

So let me get this straight: She quit her job as governor because the media criticized her and the McCain campaign didn’t defend her enough? Besides how preposterous this is, it contradicts reasons Palin gave at the time for quitting. But if the big bad media is too much for a someone who wants to run a country, how is that person going to face the big bad terrorists?

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