“Joe The Plumber” Now More Of A Politician Than Sarah Palin

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By William K. Wolfrum

What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher? Of the two who most benefited from John McCain’s failed 2008 Presidential run, the latter holds now elected office.

Yes, in the always entertaining world of Ohio politics, Wurzelbacher won a 38-23 victory and was elected as a GOP committeeman in northwestern Ohio’s Lucas County. Wurzelbacher is now one of nearly 400 who will oversee the GOP in the precinct.

Wurzelbacher gained nationwide exposure from the McCain campaign after he questioned then-candidate Barack Obama about his tax plans. During the third Obama-McCain debate in 2008, the name “Joe the Plumber” was repeated incessantly by McCain. Later research showed that Wurzelbacher wasn’t an actual licensed plumber.

While Wurzelbacher’s new position barely qualifies as being in politics – the committee only meets a few times each year – it’s his latest foray into the public eye, as he has written a book, has given speeches at conservative and Tea Party events, and accused McCain of screwing up his life. In 2009, Wurzelbacher told Time magazine that he was leaving the Republican Party.

Most recently, in a further attempt to inject himself into the political bloodstream, Wurzelbacher teamed with Tea Party Express to endorse Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada:

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By: William K. Wolfrum

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