“American Thinker” Writer Compares Obama And Democrats To Rapists

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American Thinker has published something by “Robin of Berkeley,” who is credited as a “recovering liberal and psychotherapist in Berkeley,” comparing the president and his supporters to rapists.

Let’s start by analyzing the mind of a rapist. His goal: Domination and absolute power, through any means necessary.

His motivation: punishing another, degrading her, feeling superior and God-like. Making her feel like an object, nothing, a no-thing.

What else propels him? Taking what he wants just because he wants it. Feeling the surge of power, the adrenaline rush, the thrill of stealing a piece of her.

After a few more paragraphs of imagery intended to frighten, we get:

This country is being raped.

It’s no coincidence that the race for the presidency began with vile behavior against Hillary Clinton — a high-tech wilding of sorts, with her body and sexuality defiled.

But the abuse of Clinton was a walk in the park compared to what has been done to Sarah Palin. Because she’s a conservative, and an attractive, younger woman, the debasement has progressed at a fever pitch.

And just like in a gang rape, people who could have done something about it didn’t. In fact, the liberal media and many Democrats have stood around watching, egging on the players.

So it’s only because Palin is a conservative, younger than Hillary Clinton, and “attractive” that she is being “gang raped” while Democrats are egging it on?  It’s the poor, victimized conservative up against the big, controlling liberal. Poor, poor, pitiful conservatives.

… the mocking continues, the outright threats and the violence escalate. Suddenly conservatives are not simply opponents exercising First Amendment rights. We’re delusional, crazy, violent, not quite human.

Apparently, “Robin of Berkeley” hasn’t been paying much attention to the origination of hate and its intended targets post health-care reform. But every societal ill is the fault of the Democrat/rapist here.

Still not sure that the sexualization of children, the wilding of women, the looting of the economy, and the intrusions into our bodies constitute the Rape of America?

I have one final piece of evidence. A majority of citizens are shouting “No,” from the rooftops. No! to ObamaCare. No! to socialism. No! to trashing the Constitution.

And yet, to Obama and the Left, the assertion of “No” does not matter. Smug and entitled, drunk with power and giddy when they see our fear, they take what they want anyway.

Forgotten in all of this whining and hyperventilating are elections that put people in power to enact the kind of change we’re getting (albeit not enough of it).  More ridiculous analogies and violent imagery does nothing to advance the cause of the right.

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