Tea Partier Tells Mediaite Racist Sign Was Forged; We Have Him On Record Defending Its Use

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Self-proclaimed Tea Party founder Dale Robertson told Tommy Christopher at Mediaite that the infamous photo of him holding a sign with the n-word (which he spelled wrong) is a fake. Reports Christopher:

I spoke to Dale Robertson, who says that the photo is a fake. Since Robertson’s quote was linked to the photo on Friday, many conservatives have asserted that Robertson is a fake. Let’s try to get to the bottom of both charges.

The photograph in question…depicts Robertson holding a sign that says “Congress=Slaveowner, Taxpayer=N***ar.” The misspelled n-word appears to have been duct-taped over the original sign, which Robertson claims read “Congress=Slaveowner, Taxpayer=Slave.” He says he never taped anything over the original sign, nor did anyone else. He says the photo must be a fake.

However, Roberston appeared on my radio show on January 7, and defended his use of the n-word. At 4:03 into the video below, I asked Robertson what he meant by the misspelled word.

Colmes: What’s N-I-G-G-A-R?

Robertson: Well, I just don’t agree with what Congress is doing to the American people. Really the proper word is “slave”…[Oakland mayor and former Congressman] Ron Dellums actually coined that word.

Colmes: Did you spell it wrong?

Roberston: I don’t think so.

Not once did Robertson deny using the word. In fact bent himself into a pretzel defending its use.

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