Dan Riehl Says I’ll Rot In Hell. He’s Probably Right. See You There, Dan!

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I apparently have gotten under Dan Riehl’s skin.  Amazingly, I’ve done it, according to Riehl, without saying too much.  But if all I did is basically link him without saying much, as he claims, to quote Robert Young in those old Sanka commercials, “Why so tense?”

But then, who but a moron would play Left-wing knock down, stand-up doll on Fox with Hannity for years. Did I look stupid enough for you tonight, Sean? Tell me, huh? Did I? Did I, huh? I’ll do my special stupid act for the Chirstmas show if you want! feh

If I am such an ineffectual moron, why would someone of such intellectual and satiric heft as Mr. Riehl even bother with me? And here, after I’m called “offensive” by the offender, is what he believes passes for the money shot:

Cheer up, Alan, you won’t have to indulge me forever. When you die, you’ll get to rot in Hell listening to the souls of a million babies cry and your only accomplishment will have been to drive government spending down in that area, so you can squander it somewhere else. You should feel proud, chump!

You can have the last word, big guy. Take your best shot. I’m done punching down.

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