Romney Flip-Flops On Obama’s Afghanistan Policy Within 12 Hours

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When Matt Lauer asked former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney what Obama has done right, Romney praised the president for his Afghanistan policy.

LAUER: Has President Obama done anything right, anything good in the past 12 months?

ROMNEY: Yeah. No question about it, he’s done several things well. … He boosted our effort in Afghanistan, which is the right course to take.

Half a day later, Romney accused the president of diverting attention away from Afghanistan to focus on health care.

HANNITY: Do you think Barack Obama is tone deaf? What do you think of him?

ROMNEY: Look, I think he’s a lot worse than tone deaf. I think he has such a low level of experience in dealing with tough situations like this that he’s made some classic errors. One of which is not to focus on job one from the first day he was in office. And that, of course, was getting jobs back to the American people. And then the second issue should have been making sure that we’re successful in our fight against terrorism around the world particularly in Afghanistan. But instead he diverted onto health care.

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