Palin, Who Left Policy Job For $, Not At CPAC Because It’s “Pocketbook Over Policy”

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Sarah Palin left a job where she had an opportunity to influence policy in order to sign lucrative book and television deals. Then she raked in more than $100,000 talking to the pay-for-play Nashville tea party convention. Yet the stated reason for not being at CPAC is that they place “special interests over core beliefs” and “pocketbook over policy,” according to a source close to the former governor.

“That’s not what CPAC should be about and people are tiring,” the source said. “Palin is taking a stance against this just as she did in Alaska.” When asked about the move, Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said: “We support those who advance our core beliefs and lead by principle.

Palin allegedly was at odds with CPAC organizer David Keene because Keene reportedly asked FedEX for $2-3 million in order to support its efforts to beat UPS in a legislative battle.  Keene appeared on my radio show prior to CPAC and denied this report. Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, says it’s Palin’s own profiteering that is keeping her away from CPAC.

“Palin was paid a lot to go to the other one” says Norquist, referring to the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville. Her absence this week, he says, is a political sign.

“Is Palin running for president? The answer is no. She could have spoken to 10,000 people, but instead she chose to speak to 600 and get paid $100,000. That’s being a spokesperson and making a living, not running for president.”

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