Right-Wing Website Hoped Senator Byrd Would Die To Stop Health Care Reform

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They’re lucky there’s a First Amendment.  It was bad enough that Senator Tom Coburn asked for prayers that a Democratic senator would be unable to vote for cloture early Monday morning.  Bob Owens(r), who calls himself and his site “Confederate Yankee” headlined a post “All I Want Is A Byrd Dropping For Christmas”.  Owens, whose site has the motto, “Liberalism is a persistent vegetative state,” continues the sensitivity (h/t Crooks and Liars)

Granted, lucidity and coherence is not a priority among Senate Democrats, but Byrd is an embarrassment even for a party that regular drafts the imaginary or dead to vote.


Robert Byrd has been around a very long time, and his many decades of service have made West Virginia a wonderful state in which to manufacture methamphetamine or frame the locals for murder. But it’s time for Senator to do the right thing, and expire.


It isn’t too much to ask for Byrd to step off for that great klavern in the sky before the Senate vote that may force this nation to accept government-rationed health care. Even a nice coma would do.


Without his frail, Gollum-like body being wheeled into the Senate’s chambers to cast the deciding vote, the Senate cannot curse our children and grandchildren with crushing debt and rationed, substandard healthcare.


I suppose some will be shocked and appalled that I’d wish for the former kleagle to die on command. I’d remind them that the party wheeling in a near invalid to vote in favor of this unread monstrosity of a bill is the one that should feel shame.


This is what happens when a party is desperate.

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