Pastor J. Grant Swank: Palin Has A Better God Than Obama

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Pastor J. Grant Swank of the New Hope Church in Windham Maine and contributor to the Alan Keyes-inspired website Renew America, has decided to judge Obama’s faith, even lest he be judged.  Swank plays the despicable, “My God’s better than your God” game (h/t David Neiwert at C&L)


Sarah Palin’s deity is the God of the Bible. Her personal Savior is Jesus Christ. Her holy writ is the infallible, inerrant Bible. Her hope for eternity is heaven as described in the Word of God. Her hope for the present is God’s will activated in her dedication.


Barack Hussein Obama’s deity is the god of the Koran — Allah. His personal savior is Allah, though he professes to be a Protestant via his membership in the theologically liberal United Church of Christ (Congregational / UCC). That would make him out to be a witness to Jesus Christ; of course, that is bogus, including his testimony that at an altar at Chicago’s Trinity UCC he discovered Christ. If it was Christ, it is not the Christ of the New Testament.


Swank refers to “Marxist, Muslim’s Obama” whose holy book is “the abominable Koran.”

Today he is on the verge of submerging America into the trenches due to his pro-Islamic policies installed by crooks and Muslim cronies surrounding him 24 / 7.




This cancer sore Obama is the most dangerous occurrence ever in all the Republic’s history for it promises us our doom.


Sarah Palin, on the other hand:


She worships with Christians who seek to live out the Bible, confess to following Christ as personal Redeemer, pray daily, conduct family devotions, believe in miracles, repent of their sins and then yearn to go forth in holiness.


Palin is the antithesis to Obama. Palin represents a biblical way of life. Obama represents a satanic cult.


America, says Swank, has to choose between these two forces.

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