Grayson on Coburn’s “Die Sooner” Comment

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On the radio show tonight, Rep. Alan Grayson (right) responded to comparisons between his “die quickly” comment and Sen. Tom Coburn’s statement yesterday that “what [health care reform] is gonna do for our seniors, I have a message for you – you’re gonna die sooner.”

GRAYSON: Well I mean look, I don’t think that there’s any valid comparison there. There’s no valid comparison unless lies are now the same as truth. I – what I said was the truth. I mean, I had a Harvard study to back me up. And everybody knows the Republicans haven’t any plan for health care. They still don’t have a plan for health care. And the point I was making, what I specifically said, is that the Republican plan for health care is Don’t Get Sick. It was to make the point that they don’t have a plan for people. And we do have 44,789 people in this country who die every year because they don’t have health insurance according to a Harvard study that was published in a peer-reviewed journal.


COLMES: And what do you say to a guy like…


GRAYSON: So that’s the basis for what I was saying. And the basis for what he’s saying is delusion. There’s nothing in the Democrats’ health care bill that would put any senior at risk at all. So I – I know that people have been drawn to this idea that there is somehow this moral equivalence between what I said and what Senator Coburn said, but I think that’s ridiculous. We have really lost our moorings when something that I said – which is to make the point, the truthful point that Republicans have no way to solve the problems that are presented by forty million Americans having no health care access – to say that that’s equivalent to his kind of delusional, fabricated scare tactics is silly.

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