Dick Cheney Slams Obama BEFORE The Speech On Afghanistan

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Even before President Obama gave his Afghanistan speech, former Vice President Cheney gave an interview to Politico slamming the president for projecting “weakness,” accusing him of continually changing strategy, and of looking for a way to avoid doing what has to be done, and even “looking far more radical than I expected.”

“I begin to get nervous when I see the commander in chief making decisions apparently for what I would describe as small ‘p’ political reasons, where he’s trying to balance off different competing groups in society,” Cheney said.


“Every time he delays, defers, debates, changes his position, it begins to raise questions: Is the commander in chief really behind what they’ve been asked to do?”


Didn’t the Bush administration continually redefine the objectives in Iraq? Wasn’t the strategy continually updated, i.e. the surge?  Wasn’t the whole Iraq war done for political reasons?  POLITICAL REASONS! Is there any other reason Cheney is lashing out now, while his former boss, George W. Bush has retained the dignity to hold his tongue?

When Cheney says:


“Here’s a guy without much experience, who campaigned against much of what we put in place … and who now travels around the world apologizing,” Cheney said. “I think our adversaries — especially when that’s preceded by a deep bow … — see that as a sign of weakness.”


Didn’t Bush go on at least three dates with the Saudi Prince, one where they held hands?  Granted, that might have been the third date, as I’m not claiming the Saudis are easy.  And where was big Dick Cheney during the times when seeing a leader would have been appropriate? Buried in some “undisclosed location” to protect his carcass.

And when Cheney says:

“One of their top people will be given the opportunity — courtesy of the United States government and the Obama administration — to have a platform from which they can espouse this hateful ideology that they adhere to,” he said. “I think it’s likely to give encouragement — aid and comfort — to the enemy.”


How does it look to our enemies that the former vice president of the United States is going after the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces? And why are we going into Afghanistan now in greater numbers? Is that because Cheney and company did such a good job in the first place?  He accuses Obama of apologizing for America, something Obama has not done. But it’s something Cheney should do, for himself.

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