Evangelicals Celebrate 150th Anniversary Of Darwin’s Book By Using It To Renounce Evolution

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On the 150 anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of  Species, Christian activists are giving away 170,000 copies of the text. But there’s a catch.

The book, however, contains a ‘Special Introduction’ by evangelist Ray Comfort that argues against Darwin’s theory and presents a creationist alternative to man’s origins and nature’s growth.


The free book-giveaway has angered a number of atheists and prompted evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, a former Oxford University and University of California professor and one of the leading spokesmen for atheism and evolution, to encourage people to “just rip out” the 50-page introduction.


In a video published here previously, actor Kirk Cameron, who is one of Comfort’s biggest advocates and who is giving away copies of the revised book, plays the Hitler card, complains that God is being kicked out of the classroom, and claims we’re being denied our God-given liberties in America.

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