Don’t Blame Republicans, Blame Democrats For Lack Of Progress

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It’s not the fault of Republicans that Democrats, with the White House and overwhelming majorities in both the House and the Senate, can’t reform health care in a truly progressive manner.  Didn’t we hear that “if only” they could get to that magic number 60 in the Senate, all would be wine and roses?

While Democrats dominate the political landscape as No More Mister Nice Blog writes, many of them don’t identify as liberals.

A big problem here is that this is what happens when hardly any high-profile Democrat will stick up for the word “liberal” or the notion of liberalism. None of them will even try to find a way to equate liberalism with plain, decent, common-sense, common-good Americanism. Bill Clinton didn’t do it. Barack Obama hasn’t done it. (Both have at times done just the opposite.)


A just-released Gallup poll shows that even in blue states, more people identify with “conservative” than with “liberal.”  The Republicans do a wonderful job demomizing even Blue Dog Democrats like Mike Ross of Arkansas, who they likened to Nancy Pelosi, even though Ross says things like, “I wil never vote for a bill to kill old people, period.”  Once again, with Democrats like Blue Dogs, who needs Republicans?

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