Congressman David Scott Had Reason To React As He Did

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Georgia Congressman David Scott, who will be on radio with me Tuesday night, has been victimized by a vandal at his Smyrna office who painted a four-foot swastika on his door.  This comes days after a contentious town hall meeting where Scott was confronted by Dr. Brian Hill, who wanted to know why Scott voted for a bill that would provide Massachusetts-style health care.  Scott was annoyed that he was accused of voting for a bill when there was no such vote.  And what the media didn’t show was the build-up to the moment when that question was asked.

Scott says what [Channel 11] failed to report was the hours-long build up to the confrontation.


“The people were consistently interrupting the people from DOT,” Scott said. “Interrupted the meeting, shouting, scuffles outside. This was no nice doctor coming in and asking a question that David Scott had to speak strongly to.”


Atlanta’s acknowledges that the build up to the confrontation was not shown.


What you didn’t see in our original report was the three minutes Scott spent answering the doctor’s question before he raised his voice.


Scott showed reporter Jaye Watson a letter he received on the heels of this incident:


“They address it to n—– David Scott, ‘You were, you are, and you shall forever be, a n—–‘,” Scott said, reading from the letter. “I got this in the mail today. Somewhere underneath this, bubbling up, is the ugly viscissitudes of racism. We should be proud we have an African American president and celebrating him willing to take on the difficult issue of healthcare, an issue that reflects 19 percent of our economy. Here we are in Congress trying to grapple with an almost impossible task — almost two improbables together, bring the cost of healthcare down while expanding the coverage of it. That is a difficult assignment and it should not be relegated to these mobs of people who will come and hijack a meeting, and you expect me not to stand up to that and not to show that we’re not intimidated?”


Here is the story the station did on Scott’s event:

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