Latest Conservative Meme: Obama Is Continuing Bush Policies

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Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is among those claiming Obama is a continuation of Bush. This is the new conservative tactic to attempt to diminish any accomplishments Obama may have.

At the same time Bolton tries to make that case, he claims our foreign policy is completely different. So, which is it?  Can’t have it both ways.  Bolton and his conservative allies may have forgotten that Obama just took office.


Despite the 2008 election, neither the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, nor international terrorism, nor the challenges of geostrategic adversaries have in any way diminished.


Funny, when we were hit on 9/11, on Bush’s watch, we were told by his defenders that he’d only been president nine months, and so he couldn’t be held accountable.  And by Bolton’s measurements, the Bush adminstration was an abject failure given that these conditions still exist:

  • The recalcitrant and unyielding regime in North Korea, testing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

  • Iran’s persistence in pursuing precisely the same weapons programs, as well as continuing its activities as the world’s central banker for terrorism.

  • Hamas’ continued refusal to renounce terrorism, acknowledge the state of Israel’s existence and abide by prior Middle East agreements (which is hardly surprising, given that doing so would require Hamas to repudiate the fundamental principles on which it was founded).

  • Russia’s continued belligerent attitude toward former territories of the Soviet Union and Moscow’s generally unhelpful attitude in dealing with North Korea, Iran, the Middle East and countless other problems.

Let’s see if they’ll even begrudgingly admit that Obama has already had a positive affect in Lebanon, inspiring voters to reject Hezbollah in favor of a more America-friendly parliament.  How about American Muslims welcoming the “new beginning” Obama talked about. And are they going to criticize Obama for promoting Paygo, meaning Congress can’t spend a dollar unless it cuts a dollar?

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